Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Arbitration and ADR are increasingly becoming the most common method for resolving both domestic and international disputes. This is true both for large and for small and medium-sized companies.

The expression Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) refers to a set of dispute resolution methods as an alternative to state jurisdiction, which covers both adjudication (e.g.: formal and informal arbitration, standard arbitration, appraisal for arbitration, quick arbitration) and facilitation instruments (e.g.: mediation, negotiation, out-of-court settlement), depending on whether the third party has decision-making powers concerning the case or whether the end result is based on the will of both parties.

The reason why more and more business owners make use of these instruments is due the advantages they afford in terms of confidentiality and speed compared to ordinary lawsuits.
In this sense, even the disputes concerning the legally relevant relationships in the sectors of art, fashion, design and entertainment in general can be solved through arbitration procedures or confidential negotiations.

The success of ADR procedures relies heavily on the degree of preparation with which the parties and their legal advisors address the lawsuit. These procedures call for legal assistance of a high order to be able to manage their complexities. MiLex law firm offers its clients the best possible assistance during each phase. In fact, Arbitration and ADR are the flagship services of MiLex.

Our clients can count on an avant-garde team of professionals in this sector, who can lay claim to a consolidated experience in the management of domestic and international arbitration procedures, both in conducting and participating in alternative dispute resolution procedures. The professionals of Studio MiLex have represented their clients in front of the most important administered arbitration institutions, including: Milan Chamber of Arbitration, Madrid Court of Arbitration, Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Italy, and Beijing Arbitration Commission.
For each case, the most time and cost effective, appropriate instrument based on the needs of the client is proposed.
The professionals of Studio MiLex have been published and have authored articles on domestic and international arbitration and conciliation, they frequently hold seminars on the subject and the techniques of negotiation and participate, as coaches of the team of the Università Statale di Milano, at the Mediation Competition of the International Chamber of Commerce of Paris.

The cases handled mainly dealt with:

  • assistance in an international arbitration procedure in the healthcare sector;
  • legal assistance to a leading fashion industry company in an arbitration dispute;
  • legal assistance to a multinational company in a dispute relating to the appeal of an arbitral award;
  • assistance in a conciliation procedure between two major companies in the resolution phase of a contract regarding the design and construction of an operations centre.

MiLex law firm has received a special mention from the Le Fonti International Award for the ADR sector.

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