Intellectual property - entertainment law

Entertainment law is a branch of copyright law that includes the regulations of intellectual property rights on works by authors, artists and performers as also the regulations concerning performing artists, actors, musicians etc…

In view of the profound change brought about by the digital revolution in relation to the mode of use, today entertainment law includes the issues related to digital copyright (such as Creative Commons copyright licences) and the forms of expression of online entertainment, as well as relations with companies that collectively manage copyrights and connected rights (SIAE, IMAIE SCF).

Within entertainment law, sector-specific contracts are particularly important as tools through which intellectual work is used in the entertainment business world.

MiLex can lay claim to consolidated expertise in this area. In fact, the law firm MiLex, with branches in Milan and Moscow, has assisted major clients in the field of television production, through the drawing up of tender contracts for the production of television programs, of contracts with actors and directors, assistance during the negotiation with agents, the drawing up of sponsorship agreements and partnership agreements.

Additionally MiLex also manages all the domestic and international contracts of a leading Italian orchestra, the Cameristi del Teatro alla Scala, and it is also their technical sponsor.

Specifically the law firm MiLex provides assistance to entertainment, film, television, publishing, music, theatre, radio and advertising professionals and business persons, by managing:

  • Drawing up of contracts with authors, writers, directors, screenwriters, actors, musicians, and artists in general;
  • Assistance in the negotiation of contracts with institutions or agents;
  • Drawing up of sponsorship contracts, tender contracts and all aspects related to the creation and management of cinematographic works, art projects and concert seasons
  • Judicial and extra-judicial assistance related to workers in the entertainment business workers

Due to their peculiar and delicate circumstances, disputes regarding the legally relevant relationships in the art, fashion, design sectors and entertainment in general often reach a solution through arbitration procedures or confidential negotiations, a field in which the professionals of the law firm MiLex can lay claim to many years of boast experience.

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