Labor law

In Italy, employment is regulated by law, by National Collective Bargaining Agreements (“CCNL”) and by individual work contracts.

Although restricting private autonomy, labour legislation leaves considerable room for discretion to the parties, since the individual work contract cannot be disadvantageous with respect to the provisions of the legislation. For this reason it is important to carefully choose right from the beginning the type of contract to be proposed and; adjust, where possible, the aspects of the relationship left to the discretion of the parties, so as to reduce the risks of possible litigation.

In the absence of choice, the work relationship will be governed by the regulations of permanent employment. However, there are many contract models, whereby it is possible to choose depending on the specificities of each case. Nonetheless, it should be made clear at the beginning that, in case of litigation, the actual nature of the relationship always supersedes the formal qualifications agreed upon by the parties.

The law firm MiLex assists its clients in this initial delicate stage and throughout the life of the working relationship, by providing advice targeted to the management of all matters relating to the relationship between employer and employee. In particular, the law firm MiLex assists its clients in the selection of various types of contracts, in negotiations with trade unions and within the company, as well as in any judicial activities.

The law firm MiLex assists its clients, whether they be companies or individuals, in all aspects of labour relations, including:

  • preparation of employment contracts
  • preparation of self-employment, agency and consultancy contracts
  • employee secondment in Italy and abroad
  • employment management and termination

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