National and international contracts

MiLex law firm offers advice to companies in the preparation and review of national and international commercial contracts at its Milan and Moscow offices. Timely and updated contracts are crucial to getting the most favourable contract terms and to try to prevent litigation and economic losses.

MiLex law firm does not simply offer contract drafting or review services. Its professionals, with years of proven experience, support customers in the stages preceding the actual stipulation with an economic and legal analysis of the situation, with the aim of identifying the most appropriate form of the contract, and providing assistance to the company during pre-contractual negotiations.

Thanks to the professionals of the law firm MiLex based in Milan and Moscow, as well as the vast network of international collaborators that MiLex has used over the years, the company will be able to deal with the legal and cultural differences that characterize the various contact persons all over the world for a better outcome of the contract.
Through cooperation with its clients, MiLex sets up advantageous and accurate trade agreements by providing indispensable business tools.
MiLex also offers assistance for international contracts, based on years of experience alongside Italian and foreign companies. The professionals of the law firm MiLex are invited as speakers and lecturers at international conferences and masters in the field of international contracts.
The types of contracts most frequently handled by the law firm MiLex are:

  • supply and distribution contracts
  • tender contracts
  • joint ventures and participation agreements
  • sponsorship and merchandising agreements
  • (domestic and international) sale and purchase contracts
  • franchising
  • agency agreements
  • company sale and rental
  • trademark purchase
  • trademark, patent and copyright licence of use

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