Commercial litigation

MiLex law firm assists its Italian and foreign clients in complex and sensitive disputes, both of a civil and commercial nature, each time adopting the best procedural strategies in agreement with its clients.

MiLex offers expert and punctual assistance, even in multi-jurisdictional proceedings, in sectors as diverse as tourism, television and entertainment production, automotive and many others.

The professionals of Milex law firm are aware of the importance of litigation in the lives of their clients and that is why our client’s lawsuit becomes our own lawsuit.

In much the same way, the professionals of the MiLex law firm are aware of the importance of strategic planning of the goals and this is why MiLex is committed to provide its customers with a clear picture of the risks, costs and time, as well as any alternatives to the judgement.

We also believe that the key to a good defence is collaboration with our clients and this is the reason why, before starting any judicial or arbitration proceeding, we examine in detail all the facts concerning the lawsuit together with our clients.

Collaboration and thorough legal analysis of the judicial question are often a decisive element for the success of the lawsuit in court or for a strategic resolution of the dispute.

The cases handled mainly dealt with:

  • contract law and corporate law;
  • intellectual property rights;
  • liability and damages;

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