Commercial law

The professionals of the law firm MiLex based in Milan and Moscow, assist their clients in achieving their economic and financial goals.

The law firm offers specialized consultancy both for contracts and business negotiations, as well as for corporate due diligence in the case of M&A. Additionally, the law firm assists domestic and foreign companies and groups for setting up both Italian and foreign companies, benefitting from the collaboration of experienced professionals in many countries all over the world. The law firm MiLex provides advice and assistance for the incorporating companies, merger and acquisition of companies, and also ensures full assistance in judicial and arbitration disputes, even in complex cross-border situations.

The professionals of the law firm MiLex based both in the Milan and Moscow offices, offer specialized advice particularly regarding the incorporation, modification and dissolution of corporations and private limited companies, the definition of relations between shareholders, between shareholders and the company, between the company and corporate bodies, including the preparation and evaluation of para-social and shareholders’ agreements.

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