Support Italian companies abroad

MiLex law firm other than being operational in Italy and Russia, regularly offers assistance and consultancy services to Italian companies in many countries of the world, including USA, China, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, UK, Panama, France, Austria, Spain.

MiLex law firm is part of a network of leading international law firms with proven professionalism and efficiency, thereby guaranteeing the clients a reliable, quick and efficient service in each of the countries where MiLex operates.

Generically the term “internationalization” encompasses all the growth road maps implemented by companies in foreign markets. MiLex law firm offers assistance for these road maps, whether they be, for example, the marketing of products or services abroad through a distribution network or agents, the opening of branches or representative offices or employee secondment at foreign locations. MiLex law firm makes available its extensive expertise for the benefit of the clients.

Even in the case of off-shoring, or the shifting of production operations abroad, MiLex can lay claim to numerous years of experience at the service of companies.

MiLex law firm can assist clients in developing an internationalization strategy that takes into account the target market to be penetrated and the other economic variables that tend to affect the potential of a market. Furthermore, MiLex can provide the legal analysis which, together with the economic analysis, is essential to the goals that the company wants to pursue.

In the event of litigation, MiLex is able to offer assistance in ordinary and arbitration judgements, while always keeping in mind business needs.

Over the years, MiLex has assisted and is currently assisting companies operating in various sectors, for example healthcare, food and beverage, tourism, hospitality, fashion, IT, besides assisting important multinational groups in the metalworking and mechanical engineering industry.

All of the professionals of MiLex are proficient in English, and additionally speak other languages ​​such as Spanish, French, German and Russian.

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